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Things I learned in the pursuit of code

I needed to iterate over the values contained in a replicatedMap. I thought it would be as simple as:

hz.<Long, GameInfo>replicatedMap(DO.DESK_MAP, DO.DESK_MAP).values();

It would show that there were 2006 entries, but I couldn’t touch them.

I later stumbled upon the following:


This gave me a Collection of the values that I could iterate over.

February 26th, 2015

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  • Vikas says:

    Can you please give me example how did you use replicatedMap.. ? I have defined replicatedMap in my spring hazecast xml, I do not know how do we know if we have to call getReplicatedMap or Just getMap ?

    • sheltonn says:

      I used it in a loop.

      Collection cashDesks = hz.mapValues(DO.DESK_MAP);
      for (CashDesk cashDesk : cashDesks) {
      // normal object operations

  • Scott says:

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    -Scott Matthews Sr.

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