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When we originally started with Git, we were having trouble with other people being able to use the repository.

9:07:37 AM Push failed
           remote: error: insufficient permission for adding an object to repository database ./objects        
           error: unpack failed: unpack-objects abnormal exit
           error: failed to push some refs to 'norris.shelton@'

How to make a Git repo shareable

git config core.sharedRepository

Look for the following in the output
group or true or 1 or some mask

If not, then run the following (may have to be root)

git config core.sharedRepository group

Then run the following to set the owner, group to whatever you need

sudo chown -R appbuilder:developers *
sudo chmod -R g+rw *

To avoid this problem, type the following to create the repository as a shared repo

git init --shared repository_name.git

November 14th, 2013

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I installed MySql via Brew on my Mac.

How to start MySql.

mysql.server start

How to stop MySql.

mysql.server stop

November 12th, 2013

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To see the contents of a jar file on a Linux-based system

jar tf my.jar

To see the contents of a jar file and pick out one to list because too dang many came by

jar tf my.jar | grep log4j

To see the contents of a file within the jar

unzip -p poker.jar

November 12th, 2013

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